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Welcome To Our Services. Arrows with Soul has Encouraged, Restored and Planted more than 20,000 participants over the last 10 years  to enhance their work and life effectiveness. Our powerful mental models facilitate strong attitude change in participants to add value in their work and lives. Our award winning content is unique and effective in transforming individuals from inside out to manage change, enhance resilience, increase productivity and overall work and life effectiveness. Our workshops and seminars are highly rated by participants.


Arrows with Soul Presents A New Charter for Work Life Effectiveness in the New Economy. All employees are empowered and calibrated to make important career and life choices according to the seasons and stages of their lives. This charter is an elegant answer to the work life conundrum that plagues work places today. Without the bottom up ground swell effect, all top down work life programs have limited mileage. We advocate that work life is primarily an individuals’ responsibility. With management support of work life programs, the congruence of bottom up engagement and top down support will generate tremendous resonance for greater engagement and productivity


Reignite, Recharge and Rejuvenate the soul of your employees. Create change from inside out Life in our modern fast paced, performance-based, first impression based society, there is a growing need for inward discovery and inner growth. When we are too focused to how we can gain comparative and competitive advantage, our inner space remains atrophies from the neglect and becomes an amorphous void. This space, a black hole is showing up wanting with the changing dynamics of the world and forms a huge roadblock curbing personal and professional flourish. The solution is to now press the reset button by going back to basics and rebuild the neglected areas of our lives. A sense of spirituality, other-orientation, character and personal responsibility are key building blocks for a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Arrows With Soul™ “Soul Proprietorship” is a program that is so basic yet powerful. This program elucidates the intricacies of the New Economy and gives a portable blueprint for one to ennoble work and enrich lives


A true leader has 2 important functions: 1. Talent synergizer, 2. Opportunity Strategist. By focussing on these two key functions, a leader will be able to leverage on the talents, skills and passions of their subordinates. Learning the key contructs of engagement through our Trade Marked Ecology of Engagement Mental Paradigm will equip leaders with the critical mental models that will exponentially increase their leadership effectiveness and provide the environment and challenges that brings out the best in their employees. Engage employees across all contexts Learn strategic Leadership perspectives that are New Economy Relevant


Testimonials On Our Thought Leadership

  • David is the most energetic and engaging Work Life colleague I know. I have known him for the past four years and before I started developing a new or improved concept I would seek input from David. His wealth of knowledge and passion, and his naturally caring nature has helped me formulate many successful programs. Seek him out if you want unique and effective approaches to Work Life or employee engagement efforts...you will begin your journey in the right direction!”

    Jim Moon Senior Benefits Strategy Advisor, USA
  • David is one of the early visionaries that recognized the individual plays a key role in managing all of the parts of his or her life. His Arrows with Soul process helps us look deep inside of ourselves for the work+life answers that bring meaning and well being into our lives and the lives of those we serve in our work, and those we love in our lives

    Cali Williams Yost
    CEO & Founder, Flex+Strategy Group / Work+Life Fit, Inc. Author of Work Life Fit (USA)
  • David is one of the most passionate, visionary and hard working entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure of working with. His mission to enhance how people should work is world-class. Through his unique training and coaching he encourages people to create solutions that work specifically for them, engaging all aspects of their life into one whole . As a colleague, he's an outstanding resource and trusted adviser for many of us in the work-life field.

    Kathy Kacher
    President, Career/Life Alliance Services, Inc.(USA)