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Welcome to Arrows with Soul®, a holistic Work-Life Integration Program for effectiveness in Work and Family life - the world’s first comprehensive DNA and roadmap for a "heart-ware orientation" to work-life effectiveness. Since its inception, the holistic and generative Arrows with Soul® DNA has spawned highly acclaimed variants for leadership, mental resilience and service.


The Nuts and Bolts of Re-Shaping a Workforce

For a company to be competitive for the future, the workforce requires diversity (Generational, foreign talent, race, culture), resilience, propensity to value-add, and healthy attitudes to develop self and not just work at their jobs. It is increasingly obvious that skills and knowledge alone have limited mileage and is based on the assumption is that nothing else changes. However, with constant change, static skills and knowledge quickly becomes irrelevant and productivity consequently drops.

In the age of free information, knowledge is cheap and freely available.  It does not take much to learn and competitive advantage is lost very quickly. The same happens to skills albeit less quickly.

Arrow with Soul DNA prescribes the following as key models for success in the New Economy:

1.  Attitude is everything

2.  Wisdom – Beyond knowledge

3.  Mental crafting- Ability to seek opportunities and create strategic value with such opportunities and command a premium. 

4.  Holistic orientation 

5.  New Economy Orientation- To understand the New Economy and the 8 traits as key success factors for thriving work and flourishing life for the future.

6.  Accountability – 100% accountability for the current & future state of their lives. 

7.  Leverage – The importance of leveraging on talents, people, villages and relationships as the foundation for more power in their daily work and lives.


We  transform individuals to be fully fullfiled in all aspects of their lives. Their self, work, family and service are integrated and flourishing inspite of external circumstances.


We Comfort The Afflicted

We Afflict The Comforted

We Encourage, Restore and Plant

Holistic Wellness
Fulfillment and Happiness
Minimize Regrets
Optimize Opportunities and Leverage Strengths


A thought leader and founder of Arrows with Soul, David has achieved tremendous milestones in the fields of Work & Life Effectiveness, employee engagement and holistic flourish in the New Economy.  A strong proponent to encourage, restore and plant people to transform their lives through a powerful Capstone of IntegrationÔ paradigm that connects the dots on opposing life and work demands. The resulting peace, serenity and sense of purpose creates powerful generative possibilities, greatly enhancing a person’s self, work, family and community.

A much sought-after speaker, facilitator and presenter, David has appeared on national radio and television and numerous local and international conferences when the audience needs fresh perspectives and uncommon insights to age-old issues of the scarcity of time, energy, direction and purpose. David has touched and changed thousands of lives through non-fad, timeless principles- unfortunately diminished in the age of consumerism. David’s compelling world-class presentations in delivery and content generate a high level of engagement amongst his audiences and are ranked consistently above the 95th percentile of good to excellent.

As a testimony of David’s thought leadership, David has been conferred the prestigious Alliance for Work Life Progress (AWLP-USA) Work Life Rising Star Award in 2008. This is a distinct honour from the world’s leader in work-life development. With this award, David has been part of AWLP’s global think-tank in the field of work-life research and development. David also sits on the programming committee of AWLP annual work-life conferences and is a prime mover in promoting new work-life lens to focus on the individual.David will be part of a distinguished panel in the Inaugural AWLP Work Life Summit on the new directions and trends for work-life development in New Orleans, USA in February 2011.

In 2011, David was invited to be a board review member for the AWLP Kanter Award. The Rosamoth kanter award recognises the best of the best research in the field of Work life development in America and the world.

David’s cutting edge though leadership has also elicit a response from the Boston college of work and family and is pending an invite to the Boston Work life roundtable. An annual invitation-only gathering of global thought leaders on work life trends.

In 2010, David formed a strategic alliance with Relationships Global, a think-tank based in Cambridge, London to evangelize the importance of relationships as key to solving and optimizing the individual, corporation and government.

On January 2006, Arrows with Soul™- Work-Life Integration Variant was commissioned by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports for national proliferation to impact 10,000 public, professional organizations and 500 CEO’s as a comprehensive and holistic roadmap for Personal Work-Life Effectiveness. Feedback from the ground indicates that this unique program generated the best traction on the ground bar none to promote awareness and a deeper understanding of work-life effectiveness.

Position: Founder Managing Director

AWLP Work Life Rising Star Award 2008
AWLP Work Life Think Tank
Member of AWLP Work Life Rising Star Selection Committee

HPB-WHP Certified Consultant




We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains such power and complexity that it literally staggers the imagination.